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Pandemic Overview

What is Pandemic?

Pandemic is a first-person horror game that plunges you into a terrifyingly familiar world. The Covid-19 virus has mutated, creating a deadlier strain resistant to existing vaccines. You are a volunteer immune to the new strain, humanity's last hope for retrieving a potential vaccine prototype from a quarantined research facility in Toronto, Ontario.

The once-bustling city is now a desolate wasteland. Your objective: navigate the decaying urban environment, overcome the infected hordes, and infiltrate the heavily guarded research facility to retrieve the vaccine.

How to Play Pandemic

  • Immerse yourself in a chilling Toronto: Explore a hauntingly recreated Toronto ravaged by the mutated virus. Familiar landmarks become unrecognizable, shrouded in an oppressive atmosphere.
  • Outsmart the Infected: The infected come in various forms, each requiring different tactics to evade or eliminate. Use stealth, resourcefulness, and scavenged weapons to survive.
  • Unlock the secrets of the research facility: The path to the vaccine is fraught with danger. Solve puzzles, outmaneuver security systems, and uncover the facility's secrets to reach your goal.
  • The race against time: The mutated virus is spreading fast. Every second counts as you fight your way to the vaccine and potentially save humanity.


  • WASD = Movement
  • F = Interact
  • X = other Controls Info

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