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Satiety Overview

What is Satiety?

Satiety is a captivating first-person puzzle horror game that plunges players into a mysterious and eerie room, where they must unravel the truth about their situation and find a way to escape. With its immersive atmosphere, spine-chilling ambiance, and intricate puzzles, Satiety offers players a short but intense escape room experience that will keep them on the edge of their seats from start to finish. Designed to be completed in just 5 to 10 minutes, Satiety challenges players to be smart, resourceful, and quick-thinking as they navigate through the dark and foreboding environment, searching for clues and solving puzzles to uncover the secrets hidden within.

How to Play Satiety:

  • Explore the Room: As the player, your main objective in Satiety is to escape the mysterious room you find yourself trapped in. Use the WASD keys or on-screen controls to move around the room and explore your surroundings. Pay close attention to every detail, as even the smallest object or clue could hold the key to your escape.
  • Search for Objects: Look for objects scattered throughout the room that may help you in your quest to escape. These objects could include keys, tools, or other items that are necessary to unlock doors, solve puzzles, or uncover hidden secrets. Keep an eye out for anything that seems out of place or unusual, as it could be a vital clue to your survival.
  • Read Notes: Throughout the room, you may come across notes or writings left behind by previous occupants. Take the time to read these notes carefully, as they may contain valuable information or clues that will help you unravel the mystery of the room and find a way out. Pay attention to details such as dates, names, or symbols, as they may hold the key to solving puzzles or unlocking hidden passages.
  • Solve Puzzles: Satiety is filled with intricate puzzles that must be solved to progress through the game. Use your logic, observation skills, and critical thinking to decipher codes, unlock mechanisms, and overcome obstacles standing in your way. Be creative and think outside the box, as some puzzles may require unconventional solutions to solve.
  • Unravel the Mystery: As you explore the room and solve puzzles, piece together the fragments of the story to uncover the truth about your situation. Pay attention to the clues and hints scattered throughout the environment, and use them to guide your actions as you strive to escape the room and live to see another day.

 Embark on this short but intense escape room experience and test your wits, courage, and determination in the face of unspeakable horrors. Can you uncover the truth and find your way out of the room, or will you become another victim of the mysteries of Satiety?


  • W, A, S, D – Walk
  • LEFT SHIFT – Sprint
  • F – Interact
  • T – Flashlight
  • C – Crouch
  • Tab – Back / Pause

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