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What is is an engaging online multiplayer game where players control flowers and compete for dominance in a virtual garden. The objective is to grow and strengthen your flower by collecting petals, which are used to attack and defeat other players' flowers. The game combines elements of strategy and skill as players navigate through the garden, collecting resources and battling opponents to become the most powerful flower in the garden.

How to Play

  • Control Your Flower: Use your mouse to control your flower's movement. By default, left-clicking will expand your flower, and right-clicking will contract it. Alternatively, you can switch to keyboard controls in the settings if you prefer.
  • Collect Petals: Move around the garden to collect petals scattered across the map. These petals are essential for increasing your flower's strength and capabilities. Each petal collected adds to your flower's size and power.
  • Engage in Battles: Use your petals to attack other players' flowers. Expanding your flower (left-click) can help you envelop and damage opponents, while contracting (right-click) can protect you from incoming attacks. Strategy is key in deciding when to expand and contract during battles.
  • Upgrade Your Flower: As you collect more petals and defeat opponents, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade your flower. Collect more powerful and unique petals to enhance your flower's abilities, making it easier to defeat stronger foes and dominate the garden.
  • Strategize for dominance: balance between offensive and defensive tactics. Aggressively collect petals and attack opponents to establish dominance, but also be mindful of defending your flower from attacks. Proper timing and positioning can give you an edge over other players.
  • Customize Controls: If you prefer different controls, go to the settings menu to customize how you control your flower. You can switch between mouse and keyboard controls to suit your playstyle.
  • Compete for the Top Spot: The goal is to become the most powerful flower in the garden. Track your progress on the leaderboard and strive to maintain the top position by continuously growing and defeating other players. provides a fun and competitive environment where strategy and quick reflexes are essential. Navigate the garden, collect petals, and battle other flowers to rise to the top in this dynamic and colorful multiplayer game.

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