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That's Not My Neighbor Overview

What is it?

That's Not My Neighbor is a 2D horror game with a unique twist on the "job simulator" genre. Released in February 2024, it puts you in the shoes of a doorman in a 1955 apartment building, facing a bizarre situation.

Who created this That's Not My Neighbor game?

That's Not My Neighbor was created by a solo developer named Nacho Sama. You can find their work, including the game, on the platform



Here's the catch: the world is overrun with "doppelgangers," creatures that perfectly mimic humans for nefarious purposes. Your job becomes more than just greeting residents - you're the first line of defense, tasked with identifying and stopping these doppelgangers from infiltrating the building.

Using a variety of methods, you'll need to verify the identities of tenants. This can involve checking IDs, verifying apartment numbers, and even making phone calls to confirm their arrival.

The atmosphere and tension build as you encounter increasingly suspicious characters. Making the wrong decision can have dire consequences, adding a layer of moral weight to your role.

It's important to note that That's Not My Neighbor is still under development, but the available demo has already garnered a positive response for its unique concept and suspenseful gameplay.

All Objects in That's Not My Neighbor 


Neighbors are actual humans, who can actually won’t kill you. Neighbors can be misinterpreted as doppelgängers and be accidentally killed. Neighbors can accidentally forget items such as hats.

Neighbors in FLOOR 1:

Number 1152 - F01: Roman Stilnsky (Accountant), Lois Stilnsky (Housewife) • Married

Number 2668 - F02: Robert Sky Peachman (Shoe Maker), Albert Sky Peachman (Shoe Maker) • Family

Number 5513 - F03: Angus Ciprianni (Business Man)

Number 6996 - F04: Selene Sverchtz (Model), Elenois Sverchtz (Model) • Twin Sisters

Neighbors in FLOOR 2:

Number 5123 - F01: Arnold Scmicht (Writer), Gloria Scmicht (Banker) • Married

Number 7332 - F02: Izzak Gauss (Reporter)

Number 6431 - F03: Margarette Bubbles (Seamstress)

Number 1346 - F04: Nacha Mikaelys (Chef), Anastacha Mikaelys (Student) • Sisters

Neighbors in FLOOR 3:

Number 1425 - F01: Mia Stone (Teacher), Dr. W. Afton (Physicist)

Number 4122 - F02: Francis Mosses (Milkman)

Number 4242 - F03: Steven Rudboys (Pilot), Mclooy Rudboys (Retired) • Son and Father

Number 4258 - F04: Alf Cappuccin (Lawyer), Rafttellyn Cappuccin (Housewife) • Married


D.D.D in That's Not My Neighbor stands for the Doppelganger Detection Department.

This fictional organization is central to the game's plot. The year is 1955, and doppelgangers (monstrous creatures that can perfectly mimic humans) are a common threat. You play as a doorman for an apartment building, tasked by the D.D.D. to scrutinize everyone who wants to enter. Your job is to identify the imposters using various clues and following strict protocols to keep the real residents safe.


In the unsettling world of That's Not My Neighbor the primary antagonists are not your typical villains, but rather creatures known as doppelgängers. These doppelgängers are perfect mimics of human beings, capable of replicating appearance, voice, and even certain memories with chilling accuracy. Their motives are shrouded in mystery, but their presence poses a significant threat to the residents of the apartment building.


Before your shift begins in That's Not My Neighbor familiarize yourself with the tools in your compact office – they'll be your arsenal against the doppelganger threat.

The Telephone:

Need clarification from your employer, D.D.D.? Pick up the phone on your desk – it might be the lifeline that saves the day.


Grab a blank checklist from the pile and meticulously record each visitor's details. Personal data, work information – every detail could be vital.

Security window:

Observe potential intruders through the security window. Doppelgangers aren't always perfect – watch for extra eyes, unusual holes, or anything off-kilter. If anything seems suspicious, deny entry immediately.

Buttons in That's not my neighbor

Use the designated buttons to grant or deny entry. Choose wisely, as the wrong decision could have dire consequences.


Keep track of your findings! Place completed forms in the labeled folders – use the floor-specific ones for easy organization. This ensures no crucial details about your neighbors slip through the cracks.

Emergency button

When you're absolutely certain you've encountered a doppelganger, don't hesitate. Hit the emergency button to alert the Department and eliminate the impostor on the spot.


Visitors will pass essential documents through a small hatch beneath the window – a secure way to receive vital information without direct contact.

Remember, attention to detail and proper use of these tools are crucial for keeping your neighbors safe from doppelganger infiltration. Be vigilant, stay sharp, and protect your building.

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